This blog follows the progress as Molly Beth and John work on their first house that they picked up from the bank.  We got a ridiculous deal.  Once again, somebody was definitely watching out for us.  There is no other way to explain how things came together so well.

somewhere around 1300 sq feet
2 bed/2bath plus study
13 foot ceilings in the living room
eat-in kitchen
wood burning fireplace with hearth and mantle
2 car garage
built in 1984
mature tree in front yard
good school district
located near Central Market, Market Street, Whole Foods, Preston Park Shopping Center

Not awesome:
smoked in for at least 10 years, nicotine on every surface
just the slab, carpet had been removed
2 layers vinyl flooring in bath and kitchen
untextured walls were wallpaper previously existed
some sort of pressed paper siding that is rotting
fence is falling down
overgrown rose bushes with inch long thorns
front yard is half St. Augustine, half Bermuda with large weeds
HVAC sorta works, original to house
windows are double paned and foggy
master bath has leaking shower, rotten wallboard
kitchen disposal leaks, rotten cabinet base
cabinet finish has water damage
door to back yard, frame is rotten, water coming in
do-it-yourself framing around exterior of windows in unsealed, unpainted and rotting

Other things to replace:
ivory toilets
outdated appliances
outdated lighting fixtures
yellow electrical outlets
pull flower beds from backyard


2 responses to “About

  1. The bank ALWAYS wins!

  2. so writing in third person was confusing. i fixed it Phil. We definitely got the better deal.

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