In the last few months…

Yes.  We have been working on the house.  We spent the Fourth of July installing outlets!  Before that, my brother stayed with us for a week for a training session he was attending.  I like to say we made him install the floors in the guest room as his rent for the week, but he was very helpful and did a really good job.  It was kind of fun having him here.

I would have a picture of the guest room, but it’s packed with furniture particularly because we moved the trunk in there.  John procured a piano from a generous co-worker and it replaced the trunk in the living room.

I also painted that canvas on the wall.  I totally copied the idea from a post on Apartment Therapy.  I loved the colors and thought it would be a solution for our large wall space that gets sun.  I didn’t want to be too concerned with putting anything there that would fade.

I’m no longer concerned about fading because we went ahead and installed blinds on the small windows above the tall ones on the wall with paneling.  I had to shorten them myself as they don’t sell them in the proper size.  It’s really not that hard.

In the picture above you can also see our new Ikea coffee table.  It replaces our heavy wood coffee table that prevented the rose in the center of the rug from being seen and enjoyed.  Here it is up close:

I’ve also been working on framing and hanging photos and diplomas!  Photos to come soon eventually. 🙂


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