Our First Christmas Tree

So in the ongoing effort to be economical, we borrowed my dad’s tree for our first Christmas in the house.  He wasn’t going to use it as he went to Atlanta for Christmas.  Anyway, it’s a lovely tree and I borrowed the traditional red balls and red bows that my mom made before we were born.  The rule is that the red balls go on first and the bows go on last; it’s been that way forever.

The goal was to score our own tree at an after-Christmas sale (why pay full price when you know it’ll get price-killed in a few weeks).  As mentioned in the last post, I succeeded in finding that tree!  John was so excited and I was curious to see how tall it really was, so we set it up… after Christmas… and took all the decorations off the other tree and moved ’em over to the new tree… ’cause we are crazy.

We had a great break and a true white Christmas.  We got almost 3 inches of snow on the 24th and it stuck.  Particularly amazing because it was 75 degrees on the 23rd.  I got so lucky in that my job gave us the full week off between Christmas and New Years.  I got even luckier when John didn’t have to work much either.  We had our own lazy vacation in our house and enjoyed doing not a single thing but watching movies and hunting for shopping deals.  That week I realized how little time we really get to spend together simply enjoying each others company.  It was great and I’m very thankful.

Happy 2010!


One response to “Our First Christmas Tree

  1. You got a better deal on your tree than I did, but post-Christmas Christmas shopping is still the BOMB! And I flippin’ love that Cracker Barrel ornament.

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