No More Fence

We got notice that we had to fix the fence in two days or else…  So John called the city and long story short, they told us we didn’t have to replace it and they gave us a week to bring it down.  Sunday afternoon, that’s just what we did. 

Facing the alley

The fence we share with our neighbors is still up; set to come down later.  It’s really two fences back-to-back, so we don’t have to replace that.

The ivy had grown back in.  Nasty stuff really.  John found what we think was the main root which looked more like a tree stump at about ten inches in diameter.  He kept pulling the roots and we found they run all across the yard.  Those roots were between one and two inches in diameter.



As we were working on it, neighbors were driving by and giving us thumbs up.  Little embarrassing to think they were happier it was gone.  Little do they know it’s going to be awhile before it is replaced.

I did say ‘we’ were working on it.  I pulled nails out of the wood because bulk trash day was the next day and it’s a nice thing to not have rusty nails sticking out everywhere.  I also couldn’t let John do all the work…

In addition to John’s handymanness, he replaced a sprinkler head that broke underground.  And the next day he replaced the brakes on my car all by himself.  He amazes me.


2 responses to “No More Fence

  1. John puts lesser men (read: me) to shame.

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